What it is to be human in a chaotic world.
It is a journey towards something essential,
A moment where we come to life,
A rebirth into consciousness,
Being re-born,
Returning to the womb, re-tracing one’s umbilical cord back to Papatuanuku, back to Mother Earth, back to your papakainga (home base).

Whakahokia atu te pito ki te whenua houkura me tōna ukaipo, kai reira to tapu me te mana tupuna.

Okareka Dance Company has successfully delivered ground breaking contemporary performance art with Māori values and stories at its heart for the past 10 years.

WIRED is Okareka Dance Company’s latest work and true to the company values the essence of all work produced by Okareka celebrates Māori culture and identity. The company’s successes to date have been celebrated at numerous international art festivals and tours showcasing the best of New Zealand’s unique indigenous culture through dance and storytelling.

Collusion Music and Dance Ensemble from Brisbane fuses with Okareka on WIRED binding a cultural exchange of dance, music, and Māori mythology. This unique collaboration is the first of its kind and draws upon the artistry of Australia and New Zealand.